Happy 18th birthday!

You're 18 and you're registered to vote! You're a voter!

When is the next election?
In 2024, there is a primary election on June 25, where voters who registered in a party can cast a vote in races where two or more members of their party are running for the same seat. On November 5 is the general election and all of us can vote for our favorite candidate for President, Senator, Congress, NY Senate, NY Assembly as well as County Clerk, several judicial races and a few local races in some towns.

What if I've Moved?
Whenever you move, you should update your voter registration by filling out a new voter registration form. This is important because you may have moved into a new district for offices like the County Legislature, Assembly, NY Senate, etc. You can get a voter registration form at many local places, including the DMV or a library. You can also print off a voter registration form or register online. If you want to verify the details of how you're registered (such as address and party), you can check online.

How do I vote if I go away for college?
You have a couple of choices. You can keep your residency wherever you are now and vote by absentee ballot (you have to request one in advance). If you prefer, you can change your residency to where you go to school and vote there. It's really a matter of which community you think of as your home and where you want to be involved. You may be interested to know that because of the way the electoral college works, your vote may have a greater probability of affecting an outcome (such as who will be elected president or which party will control the House or the Senate) depending on what state you live in.

Should I pick a party?
Only voters who register in a party can vote in a primary election. In some places the main election may be the primary, especially if one party dominates a jurisdiction. You will maximize your voting power if you pick a party.